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Alvin Bartley has been with Morphum Environmental since November 2017. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Natural Resources Engineering from the University of Canterbury. His studies focused on understanding ecological systems and services as well as water contamination and modelling.

While working with Morphum, Alvin has assisted with the design of various treatment wetlands providing water quality and quantity benefits as well as working on stream naturalisation projects. He has been involved in identifying opportunities in an urban and rural context to develop water treatment devices in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

Outside of work, Alvin is a musician working on multiple projects including playing in a touring band called Same Name Confusion, and working on an album with his own band called O and the Mo.


  • Design of stormwater treatment devices

  • Stormwater modelling

  • GIS

  • Catchment analysis

  • Identifying treatment opportunities