Andrew Rossaak joined Morphum Environmental in 2017 and brings with him 20 years’ experience in broad environmental and ecological consulting.

Andrew has worked in diverse ecosystems, from the Antarctic through to subtropical savannas, and often in sensitive environments. He has led large projects with diverse teams at a regional and national level, and is familiar with internationally funded programme design and implementation. Through his directorships at NGOs and collaboration partnerships, Andrew is recognised for his pragmatic and solution orientated approach.

Andrew has experience in the assessment of environmental effects, environmental auditing and monitoring. He is passionate about ecosystem resilience, sustainability and conservation, and particularly the role of water, wetlands and wastewater in achieving these. He has worked extensively in protected areas and developed management and restoration plans for these and sensitive environments. He has contributed to the development of policy and principles for the management of conservation areas, and has supported communities and individuals in the protection of their environmental rights.

Andrew has a Master of Science (Agriculture) in rangeland ecology and recently relocated to Auckland where he is enjoying the pursuit of his sailing and outdoor interests.


  • Project management, budgeting, planning and integration of specialist inputs.
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE).
  • Ecological Impact Assessments (EIA).
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Watercourse management plans.
  • Wastewater wetland treatment and discharge.
  • Strategic and systematic conservation planning and implementation.
  • Relationship building skills including public and stakeholder engagement.
  • Green field, rural, conservation and agricultural developments.