Angela joined Morphum Environmental in 2019 to support the broader coastal portfolio of the science team as an environmental scientist. Angela holds a BSc from the University of Auckland, specialising in marine science and majoring in biology. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Merit) and an MSc (Hons), both in marine science. Angela pursued her lifelong interest in sharks by focussing her postgraduate research at the University of Auckland’s School of Biological Sciences on lipid and ketone metabolism in elasmobranchs. This comparative ecophysiological research project involved experimental design, capturing and holding live sharks, rigorous laboratory work and data analysis, through to reporting.

Angela has a regulatory background in the local government sector, where she gained experience in consent compliance monitoring and reporting, enforcement, project management and State of the Environment monitoring. She also has a broad range of experience in the terrestrial and freshwater settings and is a firm advocate for integrative catchment management. Angela would be happy to discuss how her environmental and ecological experience and holistic approach could address your coastal asset management requirements.

In her free time, Angela enjoys teaching children to snorkel and sharing the marine environment that she is passionate about when volunteering with the Experiencing Marine Reserves organisation. She is a keen veggie gardener who is committed to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and enjoys making the most of the natural environment around her.  


  • Coastal ecology

  • Consent compliance monitoring

  • Hardshore and softshore intertidal monitoring

  • Marine mammal photo-identification

  • Terrestrial biodiversity monitoring

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Laboratory management

  • Science education