Christchurch City inflow and infiltration assessment project

Jennifer Howe, Digital Content Manager

Christchurch City inflow and infiltration assessment project | Morphum Environmental

Morphum Environmental’s Southern Sector branch has recently been awarded an inflow and infiltration assessment project by Christchurch City Council. The project encompasses analyses of 30 wastewater catchments, and is intended to facilitate the implementation of cost-effective, practical measures for the reduction of inflow and infiltration to Christchurch City’s wastewater networks.

Inflow (rainwater entering wastewater systems from above-ground sources) and infiltration (excess rain and groundwater entering wastewater systems from underground sources) issues are most pronounced following large wet weather events. Additional water entering the network via inflow and infiltration puts pressure on the system’s total capacity, increasing wastewater treatment costs due to increased water volumes, and potentially resulting in flooding of public and private property with wastewater overflows during or following significant rainfall events. This connection to stormwater events highlights the need for an appreciation of the links between a city’s wastewater and stormwater networks.

Morphum Environmental Director Dean Watts and Principal Water Resources Strategist Jan Heijs will be leading the project and, with the rest of the project team, will be contributing an extensive combined array of wastewater asset management experience, including where urban wastewater and stormwater networks interface.

Jennifer Howe

Digital Content Manager