Morphum Environmental to support Seaweek 2016

Cat Davis, Environmental Scientist
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Morphum Environmental to support Seaweek 2016

The Morphum Environmental science team is looking forward to supporting Seaweek 2016, which takes place from Saturday 27th February to Sunday 6th March.

Seaweek is an annual, week-long event driven by a vision to inspire New Zealanders to renew their connections with the sea. It is coordinated by the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education, and is promoted through a series of events in the months leading up to Seaweek which focus on building an appreciation of New Zealand’s coastal areas, from both an environmental and a recreational perspective.

Morphum Environmental, in collaboration with Sustainable Coastlines, is involved in a beach clean-up day on the 5th of March at Cornwallis in the Manukau Harbour.

To see what other Seaweek events are happening in your area, visit

Cat Davis

Environmental Scientist