Brandon Huang is studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at the University of Auckland, specialising in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Brandon’s role at Morphum is based in the Auckland office as an Assistant Engineer, and he hopes to apply the theory he has learned at University to real-world projects, and to provide genuine value to the world through his work.

Growing up in a food-crazy family, Brandon has a passion for food, cooking, and cuisine. He has cultivated an appreciation for the stories, histories, and emotions behind food. He also has a passion for mentoring. His past experiences of both having and being a mentor have instilled an appreciation for helping others. Brandon is currently running the Mentoring Programme for the Civil Engineering Students’ Association, aiming to empower engineers to be more than just technical, create genuine relationships between students, and to focus on students’ personal development to make them the best versions of themselves.

Brandon is also involved with the Management Consulting Club at the University of Auckland. This has taught him the value of being aware of his personal working style, how that affects a team, and how he can change his behaviour to improve team performance. He hopes to never stop learning, and this curiosity is key to his work at Morphum Environmental.


  • Human resources consulting

  • Student engagement and development

  • Spreadsheet data analysis

  • Strategic business analyses

  • Public speaking and presentations