Cameron McDonald joined Morphum Environmental in 2011 following PhD research in environmental engineering at Stanford University, where he worked at the interface of marine chemistry and environmental fluid mechanics, developing new methods for tracking ocean acidification in coastal ecosystems and gaining considerable experience in the planning and execution of large-scale field research projects.

Cameron has extensive experience in environmental systems research including environmental fluid mechanics, marine and freshwater chemistry, and data collection and analysis. Project involvement at Morphum has included designing a monitoring plan for a stormwater treatment wetland, contaminated land assessments, and managing a large stormwater monitoring project.

Cameron graduated from the University of Auckland with bachelors degrees in science (chemistry), and commerce (economics); and from the University of Otago with a masters degree in marine chemistry (with distinction).


  • Water quality monitoring, design and implementation.
  • Chemical and physical oceanography.
  • Environmental fluid mechanics.
  • Data analysis.
  • Stable isotope geochemistry.
  • Marine and freshwater chemistry.
  • Experiment design.
  • Measurements, monitoring and field data capture.