Customised GIS solutions for informed decision making.

Geospatial technology (GIS) is a versatile and powerful tool for spatial analysis, decision-making, data collection and visualisation. GIS is used in almost every aspect of work that is location based and has associated attribute data. It helps collect and manage large amounts of data, and enables us to find trends and patterns. With the associated web and mobile technology, it has become a key project collaboration platform, enabling all stakeholders to have access to data and mapping outputs in the office, through the web and on mobile platforms.

How can we help?

Morphum Environmental uses GIS to create innovative and customised technology solutions, supporting the whole process from data collection to display.

We have worked with a variety of GIS systems in Australia and New Zealand, and also developed a number of custom tools to analyse and present data.

We can help with:

  • Mapping.

  • Data maintenance.

  • Spatial data analysis.

  • Drone data capture and processing.

  • Condition assessments and maintenance prioritisation.

  • Customised GIS tools.

  • Workflow improvements.

  • Web and mobile applications.

  • ArcGIS Online.

  • Data/spatial architecture.

  • Geographic database management.

  • Data manipulation and processing.

  • Stormwater and water modelling.

Case Studies