Jacqui McCord joined Morphum Environmental in 2019. She achieved a BSc in Geology from the University of Auckland in 2006 and has worked for 10 years as an engineering geologist, undertaking geotechnical investigations for subdivision formation, residential and commercial developments, pipeline remediations and stream improvements.

Jacqui has extensive experience with geomorphology mapping, subsurface drilling and identification of soil and rock, aerial photograph interpretation and slope stability assessments. Jacqui also has experience with site and soil assessments for on-site wastewater dispersal for Consent applications.

Outside of Morphum, Jacqui is a volunteer ambassador with The Wonder Project (previously Futureintech). In this role, Jacqui goes to schools to talk to students and encourage them into careers in maths and science by sharing her career experience with them. She is also a keen ceroc dancer, hiker and photographer.


  • Soil and rock identification

  • Geomorphology mapping

  • Erosion Assessment

  • Aerial photograph interpretation

  • Slope stability assessment

  • On-site wastewater investigation and design