Kolt Johnson has strong water resource science and project management experience in water resource projects. These range from local water supplies to catchment-wide hydrological and hydrogeological investigations to support water management planning initiatives.

Kolt’s work experience includes groundwater studies: water supply drilling investigations for private and municipal use, groundwater monitoring, stream depletion estimates, groundwater drainage and wetland hydrogeology; and surface water studies: catchment-wide gauging studies, instream flow assessments, hydrological statistics and hydropower feasibility.

Kolt graduated with his MSc in Geology from East Carolina University and BSc in Geology (Cum Laude) with a minor in fisheries and aquatic sciences from the University of Florida.


  • Water resource management.
  • Groundwater exploration.
  • Municipal and industrial water supply.
  • Surface water and groundwater interactions.
  • In-stream habitat assessments.