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Marinus is an environmental scientist/ecologist with extensive experience in the environmental consulting industry. Marinus has a Master of Science in Aquatic Health and a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management. He specialises in wetland and riparian functional/health assessments, UAV remote sensing and environmental impact assessment. He is an experienced project manager with strong relationship building and research skills. He completed numerous environmental impact assessments and wetland studies in the waste, bulk infrastructure, transportation, residential, mining, renewable energy, electricity generation and distribution sectors.

Marinus effectively demonstrated the benefits of drones/UAVs for aquatic research purposes when he conducted one of the first studies that used UAV photogrammetry as a tool for wetland delineation and health assessment. The UAV products derived from the study allowed for fine-scale mapping of the wetland, with vegetation, inundated areas and features associated with disturbance. Information on factors such as slope, drainage channels and flow impediments provided insight into the movement of water through the wetland, improving understanding of its hydrological functioning. Subsequently, the research was expanded to include UAV multispectral imagery, with NDVI mapping being used to refine the extent of hydrophilic vegetation and degraded areas to assess wetland vegetation integrity.

Marinus’ combined involvement in the environmental planning and remote sensing industry led him to the establishment of a consulting company that supplied specialist services to the environmental, engineering and agricultural industry to inform and enhance decision-making, using imagery derived from UAVs. He points out that the high-resolution images and detailed data obtained using drones have an important role to play in assessing environmental impacts, because they allow engineers and environmental practitioners to visualise a site and understand its full context even if they cannot visit it.

Marinus enjoys hockey, football, cycling, fishing, vegetable gardening and bird watching.


  • Wetland and riparian functional and health assessment

  • UAV/Drone technology, remote sensing and 3D visualisation

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Wetland mitigation and rehabilitation

  • Development of new approaches to projects

  • Compliance monitoring and auditing

  • Project Management