Morphum Environmental is a New Zealand and Australian based engineering and environmental consultancy which has been in operation since 2000.

For more than a decade we have provided our clients with pragmatic infrastructure and environmental solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, cost-effective and innovative results that provide clarity and bring positive change. Our core areas of expertise include design, environmental assessment and stormwater management.

Morphum Environmental is represented by the Kakapowai, or New Zealand bush giant dragonfly – Uropetala carovei.

The dragonfly has a strong connection to water and land, as it begins its life in the water, enters the sky and interacts with the land; its scurrying flight across water represents an act of going beyond what is on the surface, and discovering a new direction. This ancient creature represents power and structure, and is mechanistic in its form.

The dragonfly is a common symbol around the globe, symbolising change. Morphum Environmental is a New Zealand company with a vision to expand its global impact through visionary leadership and a commitment to environmental change.

“Morphum” is the union of engineering, design and nature.
It comes from the word “morph”, which represents
changes of form by gradual steps.

Biomimicry is the practice of taking inspiration from nature's models, systems and processes. Morphum Environmental seeks innovative and sustainable solutions, employing the principles of biomimicry, to move by gradual steps from a place of fragmentation and environmental disconnection to a place of enduring outcomes.

To do things “the Morphum way” is to consider all elements together to find a holistic and innovative solution. Our culture teaches us to always question oneself in order to find the best approach, and be open minded to finding a new way of doing things. We value collaboration and the union of knowledge, ideas and expertise.