Rhian Ingley joined Morphum Environmental in 2013 after graduating from the University of Auckland with a Masters in Marine Science (First Class). She has a broad research background covering freshwater ecology, conservation ecology and marine studies; giving her a thorough understanding of the links between land use and stormwater management, and primary and ultimate receiving environments.
Rhian has an in depth knowledge of the Watercourse Assessment Methodology and has been the primary author of watercourse assessment reports for five catchments in the Auckland region. She is proficient in stream ecological valuations, stream classification as per the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan definitions, and assessment of effects on coastal and freshwater ecological values.
Outside her role at Morphum Environmental, Rhian is the Auckland regional coordinator of the Our Seas Our Future volunteer organisation, a role which involves volunteer training and community education day management.


  • Environmental impact assessment/assessment of environmental effects.
  • Science communication and community engagement.
  • Intertidal field survey and species identification.
  • Mangrove management.
  • Catchment management.
  • Water quality monitoring and analysis.
  • Riparian and coastal vegetation surveys.
  • Technical report writing.
  • Experiment design.
  • Data analysis (proficiency with PRIMER, SPSS and Excel).