Each consultant in our vibrant, dedicated team of environmental scientists, engineers, sustainability consultants and business support experts is committed to providing informed decision-making and innovative design. We develop solutions which are cost effective, robust and relevant, and which fulfil our fundamental commitment to practical sustainability.



Morphum Environmental's three founding directors are responsible for the oversight of all strategy, operation and decision making.

Their aim from the beginning has been for Morphum Environmental to be a leading environmental consultancy whose work benefits society and the environment.


Morphum Environmental's leadership team comprises some of our top consultants. They take on senior roles in project work, and play a key role in managing relationships with our clients and project partners.


Our consultants come from a diverse cross-section of professional and personal backgrounds. The collaborative nature of our project teams promotes innovation and communication, ensuring that the broad range of skills on offer is utilised to its fullest extent.


Our support team performs a crucial function, ensuring the efficient running of the business and an environment which allows our whole team to thrive. They are experts in their respective fields of accounting, human resources, marketing and administrative support.

Like every member of our team, our support personnel are passionate about sustainability and the other values that are fundamental to our company culture.