Water infrastructure design for resilience in a changing world.

The world is changing. As New Zealand’s cities grow, so too does pressure on its aging stormwater, wastewater, and water supply networks. Climate change and the increase in frequency of large, damaging rainfall events mean that our stormwater systems are pushed to their limits, and our wastewater networks experience more inflow, infiltration and wet weather overflows. There is an increased need to integrate the needs for renewal with the needs to meet performance requirements.

We provide for integrated and strategic expertise across all three waters: wastewater, stormwater and water supply.

Morphum Environmental’s point of difference is that the solutions we promote are sustainable, cost-effective, and are enhanced by our ability to seek out unseen, value-added opportunities. In the planning space we increasingly use interactive, web-based geospatial applications to communicate outcomes to our clients and their communities. Our people are innovators in the water industry, and have been recognised for their contributions through numerous industry awards. We write technical design guidance documentation and feature on urgent stormwater works teams.


We can help with strategy development, integrated catchment planning, the application of fit-for-purpose water sensitive design solutions and technical design guidelines and practice notes.


Our expertise includes undertaking network performance analyses to assist in choosing an affordable containment standard and to identify the most cost effective combination of improvement works to meet a containment standard. We undertake inflow and infiltration assessments, investigation and design for the remediation of failed systems and extensions of private and public wastewater lines.

Water supply

Our water supply expertise includes provision of onsite water supplies, including surface water and groundwater takes, with associated consenting and design of public reticulation for residential developments.

Other services

  • Surveying.

  • Soakage investigation.

  • Water infrastructure design.

  • Plan change advice.

  • Cost/benefit assessments for affordable Level of Service reviews, including cost optimisation and options analysis.

  • Stormwater treatment device design including wetlands and rain gardens.

  • Overland flow path and flood management.

  • Erosion protection design.

  • Regeneration of waterways and natural habitats.

  • Health, safety and environmental management.

  • Asset management.

  • Procurement documentation

  • Construction supervision.

  • As-built drawings and project completion documentation.

Case Studies