IPENZ 2015 Arthur Mead Awards Certificate of Merit

IPENZ 2015 Arthur Mead Awards Certificate of Merit | Morphum Environmental

Morphum Environmental has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for the small projects category of the Arthur Mead Awards, as part of the annual IPENZ President's Dinner, held in June. Morphum Environmental's Alexandra Stream Enhancement project, entered jointly with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport, was a finalist for the award.

The Arthur Mead Environmental Award is the premier IPENZ Auckland Branch award, presented annually to the best project that addresses sustainability, potential adverse environmental effects, waste management and community involvement. It is open to IPENZ Auckland Branch members, and recognises entrants’ significant contributions to preserving, conserving and improving the environment. Our position as finalist among some very large firms is an exciting result to achieve, and is testament to our commitment to maximising the benefit of our work to both the local community and the surrounding environment.

The Alexandra Stream Enhancement project – located in Oteha Valley – was aimed at improving water and habitat quality of the Alexandra Stream, in conjunction with a community cycle-way design to run through the stream corridor. In addition, a number of project sites along the length of the stream were optimised as part of the works.

Morphum Environmental has previously been the recipient of the Arthur Mead Award for the Roy Clements Treeway Boardwalk project. In 2013, the Barbados Wetland restoration – part of the Alexandra Stream Enhancement project – won the NZ Contractors Environmental Award, which was presented to HEB Construction for their part in the construction phase.

Jennifer Howe

Digital Content Manager