The journey to a functioning and integrated environmental management system

The journey to a functioning and integrated environmental management system | Morphum Environmental

In 2012, Ullrich Aluminium began their journey to implement an environmental management system (EMS) at their Hamilton extrusion plant with the assistance of Morphum Environmental. Ullrich Aluminium had increasingly been challenged on their environmental performance by customers. Although environmental initiatives were in place, Ullrich Aluminium felt that an EMS would demonstrate their commitment to improvement, and would be an opportunity to celebrate existing environmental initiatives. 

Ullrich Aluminium’s EMS is centred on air emissions, energy use and hazardous chemical use, some of the plant’s largest environmental impacts. Several objectives and targets have been identified and acted upon in these areas during the time Morphum Environmental has been engaged, and some good results have been attained particularly in the reduction of hazardous chemicals and better measurement and monitoring of air and carbon emissions.

As with many organisations, Ullrich Aluminium was constrained by their available resources when developing their EMS. The engagement of Morphum Environmental enabled them to implement their EMS in a cost effective and timely manner using a solutions focused approach suited to their needs.

The implementation of an EMS by Ullrich Aluminium was a response to the increasing demand from customers to act on their environmental effects and monitor their commitment. The organisation is a great example of responding to a changing marketplace and a shift in stakeholder demands. The introduction of the EMS into an industry centred on resource use can help establish important business to business standards, and eventually create benchmarks for others in similar businesses. Morphum Environmental would like to congratulate Ullrich Aluminium on stepping up and taking responsibility for their environmental impacts with their EMS project.

Jennifer Howe

Digital Content Manager