Auckland Council’s Wai Care programme: A year in brief

Alice Rieger, Environmental Scientist
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Auckland Council’s Wai Care programme: A year in brief | Morphum Environmental

Morphum Environmental facilitates Auckland Council’s freshwater focused Wai Care programme in Central Auckland, which seeks to connect communities and schools to their streams and rivers through education and water quality monitoring. It also empowers them to take action towards healthy waterways.

The Wai Care team have been very busy over the last financial year (1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015) working with school and community groups along their local streams.

Some key highlights are encompassed in the following figures for the period:

  • 34 active groups, including 11 new groups
  • 44 water quality monitoring sessions undertaken
  • 1,547 students involved in Wai Care education sessions
  • 8,875 native trees planted along streams with help from 969 volunteers

It has been exciting to have 11 new groups join Wai Care in the last year, and inspiring to see so many young students getting involved in water quality monitoring and action events to help achieve healthier streams.

Further highlights from the last year:

  • Members from Friends of Oakley Creek were involved in NIWA’s nationwide citizen science study, which involved NIWA comparing water quality data collected by community groups and regional councils at the same location at the same time.
  • The Meola Creek monitoring day study, which involved six groups monitoring the water quality of Meola Creek at different locations at the same time on the same day, was a great success. The groups are hoping to hold the study again in 2016.
  • The planting of 8,875 native trees along Meola Creek and Omaru River will help to provide shade, stabilise the banks and provide ecological refuges along these urban streams.

The Morphum Environmental Wai Care team would like to thank all of our amazing, dedicated groups who are continuing to restore and monitor our urban streams, and encourage them to keep up the fantastic work.