Entrican Ave stormwater upgrade meets successful completion

Entrican Ave stormwater upgrade meets successful completion | Morphum Environmental

Morphum Environmental has recently completed detailed design, tender document preparation and supervision for renewal of a 255 metre stormwater trunk main in Remuera for Auckland Council. In addition to the trunk main, the project has involved obtaining more than 20 building consents and landowner approvals for private connections. The design needed to consider numerous factors, including working on private property, large street trees, presence of numerous utilities and geotechnical conditions.

Following the design stage, Morphum Environmental were engaged to supervise the construction of the works, including contractor liaison, resident liaison and contract management. Despite the need for multiple approvals and consents, the project was tendered and built to schedule. A particular challenge and important facet of the project’s management was communicating with local residents who were affected by the works. Morphum Environmental strives to ensure that private property owners are well managed, resulting in minimal or no major hold ups to work completion.

A benefit to the project team was the opportunity to collaborate with Watercare Services, who used the installed trunk main for two months during maintenance on their own line.

Jennifer Howe

Digital Content Manager