Successful ISO certification of quality and environmental management systems

Barry Carter, Service Delivery Manager
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Successful ISO certification of quality management and environmental management systems | Morphum Environmental

We are pleased to announce that, as of last month, Morphum Environmental’s quality management and environmental management systems were successfully certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard respectively. The certification follows formal assessment by International Certifications, a registration body, in which both systems were found to comply with ISO requirements.

During the audit process, International Certifications provided some very helpful observations, and suggestions for continuous improvement. We are keen to follow through with these in the coming months.

Feedback from the certification process included comments on the simple yet effective nature of the system documentation, and that standard compliance was achieved to a high level. In addition, International Certifications note that our use of a Project Sustainability and Innovation Analysis form during the project initiation phase is “exceptional and innovative for the industry as this enables the organisation to drive significant environmental improvements during the project phase”, and that “overall it was seen that there are good processes in place to ensure the service delivery process is consistent”. In addition, Morphum Environmental’s approach to environmental management was acknowledged as being “very serious” with particular reference to waste minimisation practises.

We look forward to continuing working with our clients utilising our core quality management and environmental management systems with the confidence that both systems have been independently assessed and certified against ISO requirements.

Barry Carter

Service Delivery Manager