Sustainable wastewater management options for Whangateau reserve

Nicole Gibson, Brand Manager
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Sustainable wastewater management options for Whangateau reserve | Morphum Environmental

Morphum Environmental was engaged by Auckland Council to investigate alternative options for wastewater disposal for the Whangateau Domain Recreational Reserve facilities. Auckland Council wanted to obtain an understanding of alternative disposal options to provide for environmentally effective and sustainable wastewater management.

The Whangateau Domain Recreational Reserve comprises more than six hectares of coastal reserve, and contains sports fields, a playground, a campground, hall, public toilets and sports club rooms. The popular holiday destination sees a 300% increase in visitors over the summer season, resulting in between two and four truck and trailer loads of wastewater being removed during this period. Current wastewater arrangements and fluctuating volumes have resulted in high operational costs during peak periods.

Morphum Environmental’s investigation – which was carried out in June – looked at a range of alternate options for wastewater management, treatment and disposal, aimed at reducing Auckland Council’s ongoing operational costs. A feasibility study to assess wastewater disposal options was carried out, which considered options both onsite and offsite.

Morphum Environmental’s Northern Sector project team provided options to increase storage, with capital and operational costs, benefits, risks and limitations considered. GIS mapping analysis was used to filter adjacent land for suitability as an effluent disposal area. Options were evaluated using a multi-criteria analysis, which identified factors in terms of the environmental, economic, cultural and social well-being values.
Community consultation was identified by Morphum Environmental as an important part of the process, to ensure effluent disposal sites are not affecting cultural heritage areas, and there are no inappropriate discharges to the environmental and coastal waters. Auckland Council is in the process of consulting with local community groups and Iwi over the proposed wastewater disposal options.

Nicole Gibson

Brand Manager