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Greer Lees, Sustainable Development Team Leader
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How big data is shaping Hamilton's stormwater management systems | Morphum Environmental

The sustainable development team has been working on three waters services and pedestrian and vehicle ways for a number of challenging land development projects in and around Auckland. These projects have allowed Morphum Environmental to work with developers to incorporate ecological solutions into their developments, enabling residential development on more marginal sites. In a number of these locations, significant innovative design solutions have been applied to stormwater management and the mitigation of ecological impacts. These solutions have included the installation of porous concrete in footpaths and car parks as well as the extensive use of raingardens and swales to avoid construction of multiple stormwater ponds. 

The team has also been working on wastewater system designs in sensitive and constrained receiving environments. This has brought strong collaboration between us as designers, our environmental science team counterparts, our clients and the regulators to ensure solutions are optimised in terms of cost, efficacy and long term environmental outcomes. 

In finding a solution for wastewater disposal for one of our clients, we’re very happy to be delivering a domestic greywater reuse system as a solution for a significantly constrained site on Waiheke Island. The site is limited in area, access and soil type, reducing the land available for wastewater disposal. The client is committed to reducing water consumption (and therefore the volume of wastewater requiring on-site disposal), and greywater reuse is an effective water reduction mechanism.

Also on Waiheke Island, a boat washdown project we have designed is now in construction, and nearing completion. The closed loop system will protect the local part of the Hauraki Gulf from antifoul, sediment and biological loadings during boat maintenance. Close collaboration with the Waiheke community board and the Waiheke Boat Club has been required, as the boat club will be the owners and managers of the assets when construction is complete. This project has been one of many internal collaborations between Morphum Environmental’s operations and sustainable development teams.

Our team has also been working on a sustainability health check for some of our Melbourne based clients, the method being a quick review of impacts for a project or operation to efficiently identify opportunities to focus sustainability efforts. This is an opportunity for our clients to investigate proprietary sustainability assessment tools or reporting methods such as GreenStar, ISCA, or GRI without investing too much in determining the pros and cons of each assessment methodology. We hope to provide this service to our New Zealand based clients in the near future.

Greer Lees

Sustainable Development Team Leader