Stakeholder initiatives for innovative design and project success.

Stakeholder engagement injects innovative ideas into design, provides a fundemental basis for multi- disciplinary co-operation and fosters a true sense of community ownership to ensure a project's success. The level of engagement entered into varies depending on the level of interest, and the level of influence of each stakeholder group. The general hierarchy of engagement options ranges from inform to consult to collaborate.The involvement of community groups, industry, iwi and other stakeholdersin defining appropriate levels of service and acceptance of necessary trade-offs ensures the political acceptance of outcomes in the public arena.

Morphum Environmental has a strong history of communicating with and supporting local communities and iwi. As kaitiaki of the environment, we aim to promote syncretism and shared outcomes of our projects through effective stakeholder management and community education programmes. Furthermore, we voluntarily take part in positive community and charitable initiatives in the simple interest of giving back.

How can we help?

Morphum Environmental's approach is to foster long term relationships with community and conservation organisations. We engage stakeholders in projects which are relevant and important to them.

We can help with:

  • Supporting local leaders to achieve goals.

  • Project delivery through a co-management approach.

  • Recruitment of community members into projects.

  • Delivery of educational programmes.

  • Consultation with community stakeholders and incorporation of feedback into project design.

  • Facilitation of community meetings and huis.

  • Facilitation of community planting days.

Case Studies