Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at Morphum Environmental – it's a way of life.


At Morphum Environmental, we are focused on embedding sustainability into all aspects of our business practices: sustainability is fundamental to our company culture; it is inherent in our project work; and it is essential to the successful, day-to-day running of our business.

In an employee survey conducted by Morphum Environmental, we found that one of the highest rated aspects by employees about our company was its strong sustainability values. Our team members regularly attend conferences and events focused around sustainability, and are active in sustainability networks and societies. Our directors and company are frequently recognised at awards ceremonies for their contribution to a sustainable future for New Zealand.


Sustainability saves you money.

Every one of our directors, environmental engineers, environmental consultants and business support professionals is dedicated to the promotion of sustainability and sustainable practices on a local, national and global scale. That’s why all of our projects are approached from the outset with sustainability in mind. Our point of difference is that we offer lasting, sustainable solutions that are secured into the future – instead of solutions which work just for now. An inherently sustainable approach ensures longevity and ultimately saves you money.

Walking the talk around sustainability is vital to our success.

Our reputation as a sustainability-focused organisation is a key driver of our success. Because it is our key point of difference, it is vital that we live by it in all aspects of our activities. We are carboNZero certified, we actively implement the initiatives outlined in our environmental management strategy and we employ leaders in sustainability to keep us on track. At Morphum Environmental, we strive to be exemplars of sustainable values in our business, so that you can trust us with embedding sustainable values into yours.

Morphum Environmental 2015 Sustainability Report

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