Wairaka Precinct Development Ecological Due Diligence

Client: Unitec Institute of Technology

The Wairaka Stream located within Unitec grounds. 

The Wairaka Stream located within Unitec grounds. 

Morphum Environmental prepared an ecological due diligence report for Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology (Unitec). This report identifies high level ecological constraints and opportunities within Unitec’s Mt Albert campus, and will inform the development of the Wairaka Precinct Masterplan.

Morphum Environmental undertook a site visit to identify and assess existing ecological features, including designated significant ecological areas, hydrogeology, vegetation, herpetofauna, avifauna, and freshwater habitat.

Potential ecological constraints to development were primarily focused around impacts on the Wairaka Stream, a key ecological feature located within the proposed development footprint. The Wairaka Stream is fed by an underground spring – the culturally significant Puna O Wairaka. The Wairaka Stream is important to Unitec and the wider community for this reason, as well as the unique function of the spring to improve water quality and ecological integrity in an urbanised catchment.

Numerous ecological opportunities were identified through the Wairaka Precinct development, which have the potential to enhance and celebrate the ecological values of the Wairaka Stream and wider site. These opportunities represent a continuous link from Oakley Creek to the headwater spring, including approximately 155 m of potential stream daylighting and 173 m of other in stream and riparian habitat enhancements.

Jennifer Howe

Digital Content Manager