Christian Utech is a senior geographic information systems (GIS) professional with extensive experience in GIS and other related professional software.

Christian has worked in many fields, including environmental work, utilities, transport, waste management, local government and consulting work in the US, Germany, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. He has a strong focus on spatial analysis, data management and data quality, and has been responsible for data management for numerous businesses and councils using GIS. His prior experience included managing and maintaining spatial data sets for over 400,000 customers. In addition, Christian has worked on many large scale analysis and infrastructure projects where he coordinated data flow.

He works with most available GIS tools, including desktop analysis, online GIS, mobile and web apps, as well as server and databases.


  • Data analysis, data manipulation and integration of QA/QC processes.
  • ArcGIS including most extensions, ArcGIS Server and FME.
  • Automation of processes using Modelbuilder and Python.
  • ArcGIS Online including Collector, Web Apps and Storymaps.
  • Network services data and asset management systems, including water, gas and UFB.
  • Mapping outputs and data presentation for decision making.
  • Spatial data capture, data management and process improvement.
  • Management of corporate datasets and asset data, including landbase, aerial imagery and DTM.