Greer Lees is an experienced professional engineer with a technical background in the design and construction management of stormwater, wastewater and potable water projects throughout New Zealand. She has extensive experience in decision-making frameworks, prioritisation and sustainability evaluation of a broad range of civil infrastructure projects. Prior postgraduate research included ways of assessing the change in resilience of complex infrastructure systems - Greer's driver for this research was to tie resilience and systems thinking to advanced asset management processes in order to link strategic planning objectives to operational decision making across multiple asset types.

Greer leads the Sustainable Development team at Morphum Environmental, which includes engineers, 3D CAD designers and GIS analysts. She manages projects that include large spatial data sets required for strategic regional decision making through to design data sets required for construction.

In 2014, Greer became an infrastructure sustainability accredited professional with the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia. Sustainability in infrastructure has been of huge importance to Greer’s work throughout her career.

Prior to working at Morphum Environmental, Greer worked with the Red Cross. This experience has given her a unique perspective of water infrastructure and community engagement.


  • Small water treatment system design, compliance and upgrade.
  • Decision making frameworks and prioritisation.
  • Resilience and sustainability evaluation of infrastructure projects.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Project management.


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