Stu Farrant joined Morphum Environmental to establish and manage its Southern Sector branch. Driven by adopting evidence-based innovation in the planning and design of integrated water management solutions, he has a particular passion for the design of constructed wetland systems and has delivered numerous successful projects at a range of scales.

Stu is an ecological engineer who specialises in the water aspects of ecologically sustainable development, particularly integrated urban water cycle management and water sensitive urban design (WSUD), and he has extensive skills in the planning, design and implementation of innovative and practical water management projects. He graduated with honours from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Engineering (Natural Resource). Prior to this, he completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Management) at Victoria University in Wellington. Stu spent five years working alongside industry leaders in Melbourne, Australia, and has led the design of innovative projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Outside of work Stu is also actively involved in restoration conservation projects and is the Wellington representative for The Sustainability Society.


  • Integrated water management.
  • Municipal stormwater management strategies.
  • Design of vegetated stormwater treatment elements.
  • Asset audits and remediation plans.
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling.
  • Waterway assessments and ecological prioritisation.
  • Multi-criteria cost benefit analysis.
  • Project management.
  • Third party peer review.

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